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Avoiding Foreclosure: Myths

October 7, 2009

How You Can Avoid Foreclosure & Protect Your Credit

Myths to Avoid:

“Stop paying your mortgage”  This is the worst of all advice.

“Don’t talk with your lender”  Contact with your lender is critical.

“File for bankruptcy, and you can keep your home”  It will only stall the process, and can make things a lot worse.

“I can save your home”  Beware of any promises, that are likely not in your interest.

“Pay me $xxx now, and I will save your home”  There may be small fees when working with some counselors, but beware of fraud.

“Sign over your home to me, and you can live in it while I take care of everything for you”  You are the one who is responsible for your mortgage, regardless of anything else that you read or hear.

Want good, solid advice on your particular situation?  We can assist you in avoiding serious mistakes.  Call us at 859-620-8800, or e-mail Kevin or Marlene.

Teeny Tiny steps to go GREEN:
-Buy less stuff (You know, you really don’t need that thing on the header at Walmart)
-Consider those Shammy Thingeys (whatever trade name you want) Bet you won’t use another paper towel!
-Investigate low-flow showerheads, the new ones are great, and you can’t tell the difference
-Speed up your dryer & soften fabrics with dryer balls
-Eat food that is low on the food chain (closer to the ground or tree, the better)
– Get a reusable water bottle, and kick the bottled water habit
-Baking soda, vinegar, lemon and soap are the basics for most all of our cleaning needs.
-Register with dmaconsumers.org, and cut the junk mail by a large percentage within 3 months
-Print on both sides of the page, and work on not printing what is unnecessary


March 1, 2009

LED’s, or Light Emitting Diodes, are the result of  a semi-conductor technology that is replacing the CFL (Compact Flourescent Lamp).  Much of the manufacturing of LED’s has been in Asia, and there is an opportunity for the U.S to lead the way in the next generation of lighting products.  Breakthrough technology, with high manufacturing quality standards will be required, and there will be a preference for manufacture close to home.

Currently used for under-cabinet and recessed can lighting, as well as in newer autos, we will be seeing much more of this technology in everyday places.  The Beijing 2008 Olympics featured red, blue, and green LED chips in the Bird’s Nest Stadium and Water Cube.

Light output is measured in lumens, and by color temperature (indicated by degrees Kelvin).  If you want a crisp white light, look for lighting in the 3500- 4000K range.  Look for the Energy Star qualification.

Simple ways to make your Realtor ®. cry:

Leave the grass and hedges in a “naturalized” state, with a few 3 ft. tall weeds for good measure. The dead bush fits well with your Southwest décor.

Oil spills on the driveway are the sign of a good mechanic, right?

Large holes in the yard should be left until spring; you can tell the buyers that there is buried treasure somewhere, but your uncle won’t tell you exactly where it is.

Don’t caulk or paint or clean your exterior windows and around doors, you can always get around to it later. Hey, maybe they won’t even notice it, if you don’t say anything.

Leave the ashtrays on the kitchen counter, breakfast table –and best of all, on the deck railing. It’s your home, by gosh, and you’ll live the way you want. (If you really want to be creative, leave the cigarette butts in the planter. That will surely impress potential purchasers.)

Dogs and cats are a natural part of living, so you expect stains and odors, right? Don’t worry about keeping the floors and carpets clean and odor-free. If it’s a large stain, just place the planter on top of it.

Leave the pet scratches on the door molding; maybe they will think that it’s a new form of antiquing. You can always put the planter in front of them.

Don’t even entertain the thought of painting your beautiful jewel-toned walls in a neutral color. The buyers are going to repaint anyway, right? Why should you go through all that work, when they might just like your zebra-striped master bedroom?

Yeah, okay, the hair dye made a stain on the vinyl bathroom flooring, but it’s on the other side of the toilet, so no one will ever see it.

If you cover the wet spot in the base cabinet (from that slowly dripping pipe ) with a mat, the buyers will think that it is decorative.

A king-size bed fits just fine in your 12 x 14 bedroom and so does the oversized dresser. Tell them to roll over the bed to get into the bathroom. It works for you, doesn’t it?

The breakfast bay windows are a natural palette for your children’s handprints. It gives the room charm.

Tell your Realtor®, “Ya’ know, I don’t really need to sell; I just want to see how much I can get for the place.”

Simulus Package: Go GREEN

February 16, 2009

Whatever you think about the $789 billion economic stimulus bill, you may be interested to know that it contains about $50 billion for renewable energy projects, electric utilities, and other green companies. Included in this will be funding for weatherization of homes, and a 30% tax credit of up to $1500 for purchase of highly efficient residential air conditioners, heat pumps or furnaces. The credit can be used by homeowners to replace leaky windows or put more insulation in attics. Tax credits to homeowners, and loan guarantees for renewable energy projects, will help lower utility bills now, and make homes more marketable to the buyer later. Simple and cost-effective things that you can do to GREEN your home:
-ask your energy company for an energy audit, to find out where you can make easy changes to save money
-check windows and doors for leakage, and go visit your local Home Depot to get advice on weatherstripping
-Install a water filter, and lose the plastic bottles
-Listen to your dad, and turn off the lights in empty rooms
-Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible, and be amazed at the electric bill savings
-Replace lightbulbs with CFL’s, or investigate the new LED lights (they’re cute!)
-Buy a Green cleaner. You can use just one or two products to clean everything – and actually find them under the sink. You will be a lot healthier without the toxic fumes
-Investigate local drought-tolerant plants for your spring garden, and save water

Little changes, one at a time, are painless and will save you lots of money while you help save our environment.